Sunday, May 23, 2010


today i on her account...i juz wanted to help her work pets and play nightclub city..
when i on her nightclub city...i saw she hire a guy which i dun like...her admirer?
jus feel like down...aft tat, i straight click on the guy profile...she did contact wif him still...
my feelings was FUCKING DISAPPOINTED because, she LIED again...
she told me, nv contact wif him anymore...nv thk anymore....and forget everything..
but in her heart, she still loves and likes him, still thk of him...and remember him...
she cant control herself to find him bek...she cant control to forget him...
she is everything which just wanted him to chat wif her and want herself to get loved from him..
although she say no, but i noe what;s on her mind and what's she thinking...
i reli disappointed..shud i leave it, or shud or take action?
if take action, what shud i do?
break? or giv chance again? or wait her to explain?
my feeling now is totally disappointed and wanted to choose BREAK...
i dun care she find him bek after break, becoz my heart totally broken and hopeless on her..
she is just SUCH UNTRUSTED GAL...good looking gal without a TRUST, without a MATURE thinking...what for i wan her to stay?
i will reconsider everything..i wun SAD anymore...i promise to myself..

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  1. hello.. i realize you have a blog that no one reads.. and you pour all you sadness and worries and unhappiness in your blog.. hmmp~~ i happen to read them all.. i guess you are not sad anymore because you already get HER back in your life.. appreciate her 100%.. in a relationship you need to have trust and honesty.. i hope you both have it..

    you know.. in all relationship very funny geh.. you like her and she like someone else and that someone else like someone else.. or she likes you and him and him and him.. haha!! so funny le.. it happens to me 2.. so sad.. just cry cry cry!! but that's ok.. time will heal..

    ermm.. i guess i should stop writing.. if u ever update ur blog and i stop by.. i will write you comment.. atleast u know you are not the only one in this world.. someone in the world cares bout u..

    oh just incase you dont know who i am.. i wont tell u.. i rather keep my identity a secret.. i am a long long lost friend of yours.. our friendship is almost history jor.. :p but gambateh TSS!! ill always rmb once upon a time we are good friends:)